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    Webhelp generated help displays  characters when opened in FireFox 3.0.1

      I use Robohelp & HTML (7.00.145) to generate WebHelp. This help opens correctly in my machine (Windows XP) when I use FireFox 3.0.1, but it does not open in another machine (Windows NT) where the help is integrated with the application. When I open the help form the application it displays  characters. On further investigation, by following the instructions given in http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/browsers/browsers.htm, Issue 3, I was able to solve part of the problem i.e I can now see the Contents, Index and Search buttons on the top. I still cannot see the TOC pane and the Body pane.
      Could someone please tell me why this happens and also provide a solution for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.