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    HDV proxy?

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      I am an old f**t who has worked with DV/SD video for a long time. I've also used Raylight with the P2 formats. I am totally confused about getting a good workflow for HDV going.

      I captured fine, had a minor flashback when I saw the "indexing" happen (the old, old days...sigh) and then went into the timeline, which is just too sluggish for real editing. So I thought I'll make a proxy.

      My questions:
      1-if i were going to output a cutdown version of the original HDV footage and wanted as near to identical a compression as the original footage (cuts only) what settings would be recommended?

      2-What should I use for settings for a DV proxy?

      Totally Confused,

      Intel duocore 3.2ghz
      4gig RAM
      multiple SATA hardrives
      Nvidia Gforce 7600 GT