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    extremely pixelated videos

      I have a problem with CS4. My video files (AVI files captured from mini dv tapes with CS3), when imported into CS 4, they are so pixelated to the point that they are not recognizable. Still images appear to be oked when they are shown in the source monitor. But as soon as they are placed in the timeline, they become so pixelated in both source and program monitors.

      I am thinking that my problem is probably due to my old graphic card Radeon x 600).

      My system is as follows:

      Dell Dimension E510
      Win XP Pro sp3 with all updates
      Pentium D cpu 3.0 GHz,
      4 Gig Ram (SDRAM DDR2 400 MHz)
      0ne Terabyte SATA internal HD dedicated only for video with about 800 Gig remaining.
      My graphic card:Radeon x600 256 MB hypermemory.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you in advance.