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    Chroma Key in Premiere :Tip

    shooternz Level 6
      Thought I would offer up a tip:

      "How to get a good Chroma Key in Premiere"

      Circumstances forced me to key a number of scenes without using AEFX and under pressure , I discovered a little trick that worked beautifully.

      I applied a Chroma Key Filter and set up the basic key (from a properly lit studio key). Applied Similarity control and Maximum Smoothing.

      (Chroma key is always hard edged and gives a cutout look.)

      Then I added the Color Key filter. Picked the Key BG color, Set the Color Tolerance to 100 and used edge feather controls to achieve the edge rounding that I had lit the scene for.

      The results from the combined effect filters were easily as good as I achieve in AEFX Keylight and this process was so much faster. Either used individually did not achieve the same result.

      BTW - AEFX CS4 was not rendering out good keys (as I was used to in CS3) so thats why I was forced to adapt my method.