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    Stand alone AME -  I like it.

    shooternz Level 6
      It is really cool to be able to just open AME as a standalone app and then drag a file(s) into it for an encode to whatever.

      Being able to continue to work in Premiere or other stuff while it does it is even more awesome.
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          Dag Norum Level 2
          My hope for a LONG time has been that Adobe would just skip the AME and ship Sorenson Squeeze with Premiere. Heck, Adobe has bought most of "the world", why not Sorenson Media?

          And, I don't have CS4, but for CS5 I hope export movie, clip (yes, I know about the work area bar, but...), and audio will come back into PPro for the purpose of uncompressed exports, as an addition to external Squeeze of course.

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            Curt Wrigley Level 4
            Craig; A cool feature of AME is to import a file or sequence, then duplicate it 2-3 times in AME. For each duplicate you can change the export settings.... ie easy to make a flash, wmv, avi all from the same imported clip.
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              Colin Brougham Level 6
              Craig, you'll be happy to know (well, maybe) that in light of yesterday's .1 update, I ordered my CS4 upgrade. Yay for me. One of the features I'm definitely looking forward to is the revamped AME, so I'm glad to hear about it's capabilities--and yes, I'm also hearing the not-so-great about it, as well. I don't suppose that they've added 2-pass VBR encoding for VP6, have they? If that were the case, I'd happily ditch Sorenson Squeeze. I have to disagree with Dag--I think Squeeze is, in the words of Napolean Dynamite, a "bloviated piece of crap". It's slow and chunky and I've found I get better results from most of the freeware apps out there (ie x264 and meGUI).

              The only reason I bought Squeeze is because PPro didn't offer 2-pass VBR for VP6--which I guess I find a little ironic considering it's the "Adobe Flash" codec. If Adobe brought 2-pass to the table, I'd finally kick Squeeze to the curb, for good.

              I'm glad to hear about the multiple-export capability--wow, that will save some time and annoyance. They didn't happen to think of adding the ability to create batch export presets, did they? In other words, you could drop a batch preset to export for uncompressed, web, and DVD, for example, all at once? That would be sweet...
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                Level 1
                Now what they need to add is a "Project render" option. I would love to have premiere render all timelines in a project with one hit of a button.
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                  Dag Norum Level 2

                  You're of course free to mean exactly what you want, but
                  >VP6--which I guess I find a little ironic considering it's the "Adobe Flash" codec

                  That's not quite the story. VP6 is On2 Technologies codec.

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6
                    Yes, I understand that, but you don't see a lot of other players floating around that play back VP6-encoded content. My point is that the reason we see VP6 at all is because it was adopted as the video codec of choice for Flash video--at least, until H.264 playback became available. That was why I used the quote marks.

                    Since VP6 became associated with Flash video (and really only widely available via the Flash Player), it seems to me that it would be in Adobe's interest to pay the extra licensing fees or invest in the R&D to enable 2-pass VBR encoding. Please understand: I think VP6 is an excellent codec, and use it probably 4 out of 5 times when encoding for the web. However, I'm not likely to continue using it once FP9/10 is more completely saturated and I can use H.264 more often.

                    Anyway, my main point is that I hate Squeeze. There, I said it :)
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                      Just me or does Dag come across as some sort of *****?
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                        Jim_Simon Level 9
                        Just you. Dag usually knows what he's talking about.
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                          Dag Norum Level 2



                          ***** in the meaning of spot, yes, a least when it comes to correctness (to the spot, if you didn't get it). PS! NO offence taken.


                          I understand your point, that you don't like Squeeze, and that's fine. But, my point is that Sorenson does take codecs seriously, they make two pass if possible. They happily made the best out of VP6. Adobe on the other hand, they HAD to implement mpeg2, and they did well selecting MainConcept (IMO), and they did a good job using wmv V9 (because it was free I guess), but everything else is a bit half way. Sorenson uses every codec the FULL way. A little Adobe GUI would be fine for Squeeze though.