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    Preview Monitor and Exporting Quality Issues

      Hello, in a previous life I was a video editor from the world of Avid and I just picked up Premiere for an emergency side mission at my current place of employment and I have run into a couple issues with CS4.

      1. The preview monitor for the Sequence displays a lower quality of the video that comes from the uploaded Clip and it also does not play back at a steady frame rate. However, when I look at the Clip in the secondary preview monitor that is reserved for clips, titles, etc, the video quality is as high as what is expected. How do get the sequence monitor to playback at the quality the clips are uploaded as and how do I get the playback to do so at a steady 30fps?

      2. My exporting experience was based around dubbing directly to Beta tapes and I never really had to do any digital file exporting. I need some tips on what to export a Sequence as that will retain a high amount of the quality while also keeping the file size to what will fit on a disk. The video length in this case would never be more than 5 minutes as I am only working on sales videos. Also, the file needs to be playable in Windows Media Player.

      Thank you in advance for any help on these issues.