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    CS4 File "CISVC.EXE" locks computers

      The file CISVC.EXE causes major problems after being installed with the CS4 trail.

      This file is installed with the Premiere software. It identifies itself as a Microsoft program that indexes files for easy query.

      This file has caused me more than 20 hours of troubleshooting.

      The problem is that when the computer is idle, or mostly idle, the operating system appears to lock up. Some minor video updates like file copy animations or a response to CTRL-ALT-DEL will still happen, but past this the computer is completely locked up and must be powered-off to work.

      Adobe should look into this issue right away and fix the file.

      You CAN disable this file by terminating it using the Task Manager and then renaming the EXE so it doesn't reload.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          A Google search would reveal that it's not an Adobe issue. It's the indexing service running when you're not using the computer actively--at least, that's what the program thinks. You can disable it, without having to rename it.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            To me, it is a real problem, in that it wants to index every file that gets changed. During this process, the file is often locked and cannot be accessed by any program, even the one that is working on that file.

            I turn off all indexing on each HDD, as soon as I get them - externals too. If you have a large, rather filled HDD with an intricate folder hierarchy, turning it off can take some time.

            To turn off, Rt-click on the drive in My Computer, or Windows Explorer (or whatever it is likely called in Vista) and choose Properties. There, you can turn off Indexing. Make sure that you select the All Folders radio-button (lower one, IIRC).

            This will only slow down searches a little, but save you all sorts of other problems. Indexing is great on a word-processing computer, but horrible on an NLE one.

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              joshtownsend Level 2
              Learned to always turn mine off months ago. What a waste of electricity. It uses up way to much cpu cycles in VIsta. OFF.