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    how do you work with numerious large projects?


      Im just wondering how you guys out there work with numerious video projects (Each about 150-300 GB in size).

      Before CS4, I would use external USB 2.0 hard drives (which we have about 50 or so of) and edit off them. When CS4 came around it didnt work as well and I got a lot of feedback that editing off external drives is bad (Which i understand)

      Anyone have suggestions on how to edit large projects without having to drag the contents on the external to an internal, Edit, then transfer them back to the external? Anyone do the same thing and have some secret?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Curt Wrigley Level 4
          Investigate an esata drive bay where you can swap drives in and out at will and have a fast connection, especially for dv or hdv. works great.
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
            Projects of 300 GB including media or without?

            Simple, use removable hot-swappable disks. If you use 4 disk sets of 1 TB disks in raid5 you have 3 TB effectively, sufficient for around 10 projects of 300 GB each. Swap for another set of 4 disks in raid5 and you are ready for the next 10 projects. With 50 to choose from, you should not have any problem.
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              joshtownsend Level 2
              One you get your edit close to being done consolidate all your footage in the 'media manager' - it's explained in the help. It can copy only the clips you use to a new source. Or you can render just the cuts with handles (extra frames at the beginning and end for transitions or overlapping audio).

              I have my movie seperated into 7 reels each no more than 20 minutes. Because it was shot over a year I'm constantly adding harddrives or even upgraded the system. This can cause all your harddrives to get mixed up and having to search for each peice of media one by one. Saving all the cuts to one folder makes it all work smoother on big projects.

              All I have to do is put the seven projects in one timeline I wanna render the whole thing. Even though in the end it will be rendered in AE because that's were I color correct (last step).

              When you render a big project as the last step think about rendering to a uncompressed TIFF still sequence. That way if your render fails you can re-start the render at the last frame instead of the beginning. From this file you can make whatever dvd, cineon, web, Blu-ray with out losing resolution.
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                rockyweih Level 1
                I have four 320 gig drives plus a 160 gig OS drive. I keep the project in there until everything is OKed by the client then deleat the oldest and start a new project. This works well for weddings and other projects.