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    CS4 Dynamic Link Bug

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      If you use the same clip for two different After Effects Comps one comp will revert back to whatever you do to the other one. Say that one comp is black and white and then the other comp has Remove Grain but using the same clip. Each Comp is saved under different names. If you try and change one Comp then the "other" comp reverts back to the new change. I tried re naming the clip and then re-importing into Premiere and then try a new After Effects Comp but it still will not hold the "different" comp. They "both" keep changing. This is most notable when you close Premiere and then re-open the project. It seems to work ok until you close the program.

      Has anybody else run across this?

      Clip Is an AVI

      P4 3.4 ghz
      4 gig ram
      geforce 6800 xt
      Vista 64 bit (Clean Install)
      Asus p5n32-sli deluxe (Bios and chipset updated)
      All drivers updated
      Premiere Pro Cs4 4.0.1
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          Hello tlc51369,
          do you got any response to your issue ?

          I have a similar issue on two different computers (XP and Vista both CS4 with newest updates). From what I see Premiere is only able to open ONE AE Composition per directory. I have had first arranged my AE compositions in multiple AE projects - regardless which composition I move to the PP project or import or whatever only one and always the same one is added. Quite annoying. I have moved all AE projects into another directory and kept only one in my PP directory - then I was able to add multiple compositions to the one and only AE project in the PP folder and use my compositions out of this single project.

          What a ridiculous bug...

          best regards,
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            I understand and it sucks but it's not a bug. It's just they way things work.

            Think of it this way. AE and Premiere are two different programs that work with footage in different ways. With Dynamic link you are starting another program. Now AE and PR are both open and are separate programs.
            Dynamic link allows you to 'see and bring in' what the other program is doing.

            AE has no idea what media Premiere has in it's project and vice-versa.

            The way around it is to 'collect files' in AE and then re-import the new AE file. When you use 'project manager' in Premiere it doesn't even collect your AE files. They are separate apps.

            I'm sorry if that doesn't explain it well, but it's a system limitation not a bug.
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              >I'm sorry if that doesn't explain it well, but it's a system limitation not a bug.

              My issue is a bug. It worked fine in 2.0.