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    Need suggestion for Best Laptop for Premier Editing on the Go


      I am a longtime user of Premier and Aftereffects and planning to buy Premier CS4 in the next few weeks.

      Considering I travel a lot I need a good laptop to edit my shoot while traveling. I would like to hear from this forum the recommended laptops for editing. I am budgeting around US $2,000/-.

      Secondly should I request the laptop vendor for Windows XP instead of Windows Vista considering XP seems to have better speed than Vista. If CS4 is completely 64 bit then I may end up with Vista.

      One review suggested Gateway P-7811FX is a good laptop for Photoshop / Premier CS4 since it is a gaming laptop and understand it weighs 9.1 lbs.

      Thanks for reading this posting and all the suggestions - pointers in advance.