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    Full-HD on Mac Pro: which Video-Codec is best for fluent Playback ?

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      I can not find any Video-Codec for converting my Full-HD Video sourcefiles to playback fluently on my Mac Pro 2,8 GHz 8 Core (Mac OS 10.5.5 - 10 GB RAM).

      My Original Videos are exported from Flash in 1920x1080 in "Apple Animation Codec".
      Then I tried to convert it to QuickTime H.264, which plays perfectly in Quicktime-Player, but in Premeiere CS4 it always stutters.

      I also get "HD-Avid Videos" from other filmproduction companys, that I have to convert into a Full-HD format, that I can edit fluently in Premiere CS4.

      Can anyone tell me, which Video-Codec is the best for Premiere CS4?

      Apple has his own codec for fluent editing with Final Cut Pro - is there any according codec for Premiere CS4 - I clould't find any?
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