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    CS4 jumpy playback

      Just tried an experiment: I have a newspaper headline, a .PSD file, that I wish to pan across, left to right, using keyframes. I set up the motion and rendered the clip ... but simply playing it back in CS4 is jumpy and even looks like it has dropouts. Took the exact same file, set up the same panning motion in CS3 (same dual monitors, same computer) and it plays smoothly. Is there something different in CS4 that is causing a playback issue?


      PS The CS4 motion is absolutely fine when played out through a deck to a TV monitor. Meaning there is nothing inherently wrong with the rendered clip, only in the way it displays on the computer monitor.
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          I am finding CS4 just plain laggy at everything compared to CS3.
          Seems like I get an hourglass every 5 seconds and I am waiting for the program to start responding again. I just don't trust it and went back to CS3 for now.
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            Same here, very jumpy/jerky playback in Premiere CS4. CS3 works fine.
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              TradeWind Level 3
              I can confirm the same on my end. CS4 playback of the same elements is jumpy and laggy compared to CS3 (which is very smooth).

              Not pleased about it at all.
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                I confirm too. I thought I was the only one having problems with PPro CS4. my clips (and im just using SD video) wont play in the preview window. without the preview window, this app will be useless. im back to PPro CS3...
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                  Same here as well (gee, it's starting to sound like a national movement). Very disappointed in the performance of Premiere CS4. And it was a colossal effort to get it installed, to. Overall, beside the standalone media encoder, and AE having XDCam import, I see little else that CS4 sports over CS3. It struggles on a 3.5GHz quad-core, so I cannot imagine running it on anything less. The minimum system requirements seem to be at least a 20GHz CPU to achieve full frame rate. God forbid should someone want to do a multicam edit! Really falls short, IMHO.
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                    I can confirm the jumpy playback in CS4 ! In CS3 everthing is fine...
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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      This is a disturbing trend. I noticed that 2.0 would use about 15% CPU cycles for simple playback of unaltered DV media. CS3 used about 30% to 40% of the CPU cycles for the same simple task. (This was one of the reasons I never upgraded to CS3. What the hell was going on in the background that took so many cycles?)

                      Now it appears that CS4 is even worse?!
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                        What are you people using for an OS? If it is Vista make sure you turn off the Vista Theme and change it to classic Windows. This helped me a lot. Also you can try one other thing. I noticed that when I have Preview Fire Wire OUT to an external monitor that the CTI skips 12 frames before it plays smooth. If I disable it it does not skip. Try turning that off.

                        My average CPU usage is 50% on playback with a P4 3.4.
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                          More importantly, what are we editing? I'm editing XDCam footage @ 1920x1080. What are you editing?

                          XP Pro SP2 here. 4GB RAM.

                          What's even stranger, is my CPU use is about 50%, but Premiere Pro is managing about 3-4 fps on simple playback. More odd is if I add unrendered titles of plain text (not a template), the frame rate doesn't visibly decrease. However, use of one of the lower thirds templates from the Wedding category slows it down to about a frame every 2 seconds. Unusable!
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                            Well, in a way, I'm glad it's not just me.

                            This version is next to useless. Very susceptible to crashing and playback is pathetic. All my other apps work fine with good performance. What kind of nonsense release is this?

                            ...and don't get me started with the download only working in FireFox and not i.e. 7!!
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                              I've been doing various tests, and the results are ironic:

                              I put some unrendered chromakey on a timeline overlaying normal footage, and when Premiere plays that portion, the frame rate is about 1/2 fps, but Task Manager shows the CPU utilization is down to 8%. When the unrendered footage is passed, and the native single clip is playing, the frame rate goes up to 3-4 fps and the CPU utilaztion to 45-55%. Completely opposite what one would expect.

                              The new Media Encoder takes 6:12 to encode 1:02 of HD footage, as opposed to a minute per minute of HD footage under CS3. This is not progress, this is regress. I'll continue to play with it, as I have the luxury of a room full of quad core workstations, but I can't see committing ANY project to this new version. I'm sticking with tried & true CS3 for client projects, as we can crank out lots of footage with nary a glitch.

                              I'm really shocked and disappointed with this release CS4.
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                                I'm staggered at this unprofessional release. What a waste of time and effort.
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                                  I got the same results when editing Standard DV off external USB drives. I transfered the footage to my Internal Drive and everything works fine, in fact, much better than CS3.

                                  But, working off the external drives worked fine in CS3. They really messed up something here...which is a bummer because im loving all the features of CS4. (transitions to everything in one click, ripple edits when doing time speeds, yada yada yada)
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                                    Just discovered that in CS4 the playback window changes smoothness depending on how big the window size is, while in CS3 size of the screen makes no difference. Furthermore the quality of the image is much higher in CS4 displaying all details of the footage. CS3 Did not. That might be the reason for the slow playback.

                                    I wish they would add a quality mode that mimics CS3 to boost playback, since draft mode in CS4 makes no big impact on playback smoothness.
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                                      Btw. the above seems only to be the case in Vista... Windows XP has way better performance. At the very least I can run DV footage without any lag, and window size seems not to have any impact.
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                                        Nailed it...<<<<br />
                                        So I finally pinpointed the problem.

                                        It all boils down to the graphic cards.

                                        In my specific setup I have two graphic cards installed.
                                        A nvidia 8800gt and a 7800gt. (3 monitor setup. Two of them sitting on the 8800gt)

                                        While running in windows XP Premiere pro CS4 only accepts the main gpu (in my case the 8800gt) to be utilized. I am unable to use the third monitor as a fullscreen video refferece.

                                        When I switch to windows vista, all 3 monitors are active when loading Premiere. At the same time a program called GPUsnapper loads, which uses 100% of cpu power, resulting in very poor performance.

                                        If I disable the 7800gt in vista, GPUsnapper does not load, and the performance in premiere is just as smooth as in XP.

                                        Finally I tried replacing my 8800gt with another GeForce 7 generation gpu, to enable the third monitor. Sucess. Runs like a charm.

                                        So the buttom line is, if you have multippe graphic cards in your system, they have to be same generation GPU's in order to work with premiere CS4.
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                                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                          Thanks for posting your fix. I hope this helps others who may have a similar set up and who have similar issues.

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                                            It seems that quite a few people are starting new threads about this very same issue.

                                            I am having the same problem as many of you are. Running CS4 on a workstation with eight processors, Vista 64bit, a bunch of ram, and so on.

                                            After searching and searching I have yet to find anything that fixes the issue.

                                            If anyone has made any discoveries, please post up.

                                            For now, I'm heading back to CS3.
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                                              Open mouth, insert foot. That's me.

                                              So after dusting off CS3 and preparing to re-install, I decided to try one more thing; and IT WORKED.

                                              I moved all of the files onto a faster hard drive (a WD Caviar Black) and everything works fine.

                                              My other drives are suppose to spin at the same RPM (7200), so perhaps it has something to do with the Caviar Black's "dual processor."

                                              If this works for anyone else, please post up.
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                                                I have WD's dual processor drives on my workstation and CS4 suffers 10 second UI freeze-ups every 2 seconds, regardless of whether I'm editing video, audio or still images on the timeline and regardless of whether the project is XDCam EX, HDV, or Desktop video.
                                                Pretty much the same harware: nVidia GF8800 GTS on one machine, nVidia Quadro FX4600 on the other. Both machines (both quad cores based on P35 Gigabyte motherboards) have the same problem to varying degrees.
                                                I am left with the impression that there is a major incompatibility issue with P35 chipsets and CS4. I've tried various versions of graphics drivers, even swapped sound cards--but still no improvement. And when the UI freezes, it's the WHOLE Windows XP UI--not just Adobe's. I'm very much at a loss to figure it out. All the usual routines, like lower the resolution of the preview to draft, don't help at all.
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                                                  gold987987987 Level 1
                                                  I'm starting to think it might be the nvidia 8800 GPU chipset.
                                                  Once Nik removed the 8800 it worked great.
                                                  I've heard a ton of problems about the 8800 series with AE and in CS3 with overlay.
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                                                    Oddly enough, CS3 works great on these same machines, so I'm inclined to suspect something about the design of CS4 (possibly the GPU rendering features in CS4) that are somehow causing a conflict that results in the entire OS hanging for long periods of time during playback, or any time the timeline needs to refresh (when the current time marker is moved to a different place on the timeline).

                                                    What did you replace your 8800 with?