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    Razor audio problem.


      This is probably a simple problem. Jet i still cant solve it. In CS3 i always clicked on an video clip (in the timeline) and pressed CTRL + K to split it in two halfs. But now in CS4 it only cuts the video in two halfs! When i use the Razor Tool it works great. But the Razor shortcut CTRL + K only effects the video.

      / Daniel
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          Does it work for you when you press CTRL + K?
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            The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K only cuts targeted tracks. If no tracks are targeted it will not cut anything. If video and audio tracks are linked, but only the video track is targeted, then Ctrl+K will only cut the video track. To cut both the audio and video you have to target both. Selecting a track, by clicking in the timeline, does not target it. You have to click to the left of the timeline where it says Video 1, Video 2, Audio 1, etc.

            When you use the razor tool you are hovering over a track, and targeting it by default. Then if the video and audio are linked, the razor tool cuts both of them.

            At least that's the way I understand it.
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              Thank You!

              Strange. I have been editing 78 video tutorials and 5 smaller movie projects in Pr CS3 and never noticed this before. But thank you again, that solved it!