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    CS4 still Bluescreens

      I have just installed the 4.01 update. I recently upgraded to Vista x64 from XP x64 and thought I would see if I could capture into CS4. I normally use Cineform Prospect which doesn't work with CS4 yet but I did not need such high end resolution for this particular job. The last time I tried capturing in XP with version 4.0 my machine blue screened. Well what do you know it blue screened again. I have no problem at all in CS3 and therefore I don't think it can be a hardware problem. The machine blue screened even before I had a chance to start the capture. I was still adjusting the settings.
      Its a standard HP 8400 with 8gig Ram, Nvidia quadro FX1500 with four big HD and a separate system drive and a Motu 828 mk3 audio card. The camera I was using is a Sony V1. The last time this happened I was advised to check my hardware. I have checked the power supply voltages and that is all fine. I have also replaced two of the HD's. I have had no problem with the rest of CS4.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Good. Happy editing.
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            therayman Level 1
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              for those who don't know, can yo elaborate and tell us what "blue screening" is ?


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                therayman Level 1
                Hi Dave
                A blue screen is a major system crash. The entire operating system goes down leaving you staring at a blue screen with text on it until the operating system reboots. It was common in the early days of computing but rarely happens any more. I have only seen two blue screens in the last ten years or so. Both were with CS4.
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                  Hi Ray,

                  Thanks for explaining that. Ok, way back we used to call this, BSOD ( Blue Screen Of Death ), I never realized you were talking about this, - a system crash, I thought you meant, while capturing, CS4 was adding in framed of blue, to render your footage useless.

                  Thanks for clarifying :-)

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    The first two things that I would do is set your OS to NOT re-boot on errors, so you can read, and write-down, the info. Might be something useful there.

                    Second thing I'd do is to check out Event Viewer, especially the System and the Applications tabs. You *should* find some warnings (yellow) and errors (red). Dbl-click on each and do follow any links offered to MS. These often lead to the root cause, though the user intervention might not be clear. At least you'll have an idea of what is fritzing out.

                    When you have some info from above, maybe add to the thread your system details, hardware and all software in use. You've started this with the Vista-64, but go into more detail.

                    Also, your camera (Capturing from) and all details of your connections might help someone troubleshoot the issue.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7
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                        Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        Did you have CS4 installed on XP and then do an inplace upgrade of the OS to Vista without reinstalling CS4? If so I would not be surprised at such a complex program as CS4 having the same problem that it exhibited in XP64 Adobe does not support XP64 and if you expected the upgrade to cure your BSOD problem you should not be surprised that it still exists.
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                          therayman Level 1
                          No you can't upgrade Xp x64 to Vista x64 you have to do a clean install. Actually I installed everything from scratch to a brand new drive. I know better than to delete my working system. I simply removed the drive and put in a new one just in case things didn't work out. I am busy and don't like to waste my time.