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    Preview/Source playback extremely choppy

      So, I got Premiere Pro 2.0 a bit before CS3 was released and I loved it. Had a few very annoying bugs and the export sizes were pretty bad, but overall a great program. CS3 was released and a lot of the bugs were resolved and the file sizes for HD videos were much better. One very irritating issue with video/audio never syncing up in the preview monitor made it very hard to work with. CS4 was announced and from what I saw before release, all my problems would be fixed. Just downloaded it and started throwing some clips on there and noticed that during source or preview playback, the video becomes extremely choppy. I have an Intel Quad Core CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 1GB ATI 3870x2 video card. Absolutely no excuse for that kind of performance. Still, it will go smooth for a few seconds and then start lagging really badly for no particular reason. Clearly a software problem, and I've been hearing a number of complains about this but only with AVCHD. I'm using standard MJPEG AVI files, which worked perfectly fine in 2.0 and CS3. What's the deal with this? It's completely unusable now and I'm very disappointed.