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    Export to tape HDV

      I've got problems with exporting to tape.
      I've got whole seqence and when i export to wmv or other formats everything is OK. I can make DVD in encore etc.
      But when i want export it to tape, transcoding takes long time and then it start recording to tape.
      But what i get on tape is wrong. Sometimes it's hang and don't tranfer everything etc. It looks like droped frames :(
      Maybe it's problem with encoding to HDV.

      My computer is fast with raid disks and fast cpu (4 core procesor).
      Camera is HC3.

      Is there anyone who has similar problems?
      Maybe someone know how to fix it?
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          amazon man

          I have problem exporting to canon xl h1hd camera. takes a long time to convert to hdv. problem is export stops anywhere from11 minutes to 32 minutes into transfere get error message on camera that there is problem with video from pc. delete video from timeline that has been recorded then export to tape again, usually takes 3 tries to get a 58 minute video on tape. contacted canon , they say CS3 is the problem and of course Adobe refuses to address the problem hope this helps

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            Harm Millaard Level 7


            Wrong forum. This is for CS4.