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    Switching to a mac pro, seeking insight

      I have been a long time pc guy using Premiere Pro. After getting Cs4 and having issue after issue with Vista I have decided to get an 8 core mac. This is not a thread about pc vs mac because frankly I prefer pc.

      My question is anybody running premiere pro cs4 on a mac and can you tell me is it stable. I know FCP would be but I don't want to learn new software and personally I think CS4 (Not CS3) blows FCP out of the water when it works correctly.

      Any help from some Mac Pro Users would be great.

      My System will have
      2 3ghz quad core Xeon processors
      10gb ram
      2 tb hard drives (Cant afford Raid Setup at this point)
      8800gt Graphics card
      The usual other crap.

      I will primarily be editing HDV to SD but in the near future Full HD stuff.

      Thanks everybody