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    CS4 hang at AVCHD clip boundary

      I've had Mac CS4 hang when playing some AVCHD clips from the timeline. The hangs always occur at the boundary between clips. The clips are unedited clips from a Sony HDR-CX7 camcorder.

      I think there's something at the beginning/end of the raw clips that causes the problem because the problem only occurs if I haven't trimmed the clip.

      I've found a workaround (besides trimming the clips) if anyone else experiences a similar problem.

      I preprocess the clips before bringing them into CS4.
      Use eac3to to demux the raw clip and them remux it with TSMuxerR
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          Do you have a short sample clip that you can upload somewhere?
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            Thanks for your reply. It's a little embarrassing, but I can't recreate the problem again.

            Here's the situation where the problem occurred before:
            I edited a project with AVCHD clips, started the Media Encoder, came back in an hour and the AME had aborted. I scrubbed the time line and PPro froze at a boundary between two clips. I force quit PPro, relaunched it and PPro froze at the same point. I force quit again and relaunched. This time I trimmed one of the clips at the boundary and had no problems.

            Today, I re-opened the problem project to get the sample problem clip. I removed the trim and this time had no problem scrubbing or encoding.

            I now don't know what caused the original problem. Perhaps, I should have re-booted OS X after the original PPro hang. That's the only thing I know has changed between then and now.