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    Corrupt workspace

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4
      I'm really trying to love the PP CS4 trial version, but it's a struggle and I think I'm losing the battle.. I'm hoping someone has been through this too and has a solution...

      On a two flat screen system (a 1920x1220 and a 1280x1024) ATI FireGL 7200, I keep the application window on the LH monitor only, and undock all the panels and arrange them across 2 monitors. I save the workspace under several custom names as a 'belt and braces' backup, but when I re-open the project under any of them, ALL the panels are centred in the middle of the LH monitor and the other custom workspaces have vanished. Resetting the workspace does not correct the issue.

      I also notice that the same half a dozen audio clips keep doing a peak level analysis every time I open the project - and every time I come offline from the Adobe support pages whilst the project is open - which is bizarre to say the least.

      I have reinstalled PP CS4, deleted the prefs file and am about to throw everything out of the window and go to the pub!

      This behaviour does not happen under PP CS3.

      I'd appreciate any guidance out there. Thanks.