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    I miss the old "CTRL+M"

      I wonder if the programming folks would restore it. On a number of tasks (like rendering a mixed-down audio file for some processing), the "CTRL+M" feature is nice. Now, I don't want to embarrass myself, so if a keyboard shortcut still exists, somebody just let me in on it. Thanks.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          What did you have Ctrl+M doing in CS3? Every function (or most, anyway) in PPro are mappable and remappable to different keyboard keys and combos. Just head up to Edit > Keyboard Customization and get busy...
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            I realy miss fast export to frame and DV movie!!! Back it !!!
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              I completely agree with DenisVID. The quick "export frame" facility with the ability to place it immediately on the time line was invaluable for me. It can't be that difficult to bring this back surely?
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                shooternz Level 6
                I would like it back as well ...or at the very least ...the option in AME CS4 to place it in the Project once it is exported.
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                  Aside from PPro CS4 crashing just about every hour (and sometimes more during an hour)the totally useless way to capture a "freeze frame" is a "deal breaker". I have spent more than a couple of hours trying to get the obscure way to capture a single frame to work and get it into PPro. Not counting the time wasted fighting with AME (why is it called anyways for just a single frame?), I can't find the .BMP I was able to save (when AME doesn't crash or refuse to export it due to PPro CS4 passing the wrong address for the project file). PPro CS4 wants to place it somewhere secret.

                  What was wrong with the PPro CS3 "file> export> frame" sequence and the automatic adding to the project panel???
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                    (steve_wiggins) Level 1
                    Evidently the folks who programmed PP CS4 don't have much real world experience. I'll admit, that I did not upgrade to CS3, and so many of these changes are hitting me for the first time. But for crying out loud! I would sometimes render out a sequence, rather than nesting, and put the .avi as an overlay. CTRL+M was really fast. and the ability to grab a frame for a thumbnail for my clients CTRL + SHIFT + M made that really convenient. I'm not some big production house with render farms and distributed editing pools, and lattes. So it's understandable why the muckity-mucks at Adobe wouldn't ask me, heck, I don't even use "Export to EDL". What's wrong with me? But I digress... Happy Thanksgiving, Steve.