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    Problems creating sprites

      I haven't used director for a few months and now I need to create a new movie. I import my cast members...gifs, jpgs etc. and I cannot create sprites with them at all!!! I drag to the score...nothing. I drag to the stage...nothing!!! I can only create sprites when I use internally created casts and not imported ones...I am going insane...why does this not work??? Please help!
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          How many sprite channels are there in your movie? Are your external casts linked to the current movie? What exactly happens when "nothing" occurs? What version of Director are you using, and on which platform?
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            Steveorevo Level 1

            I'm having the exact same problem. Director 11, Vista 32-bit Business


            First, D11 wouldn't run after installation. All I get is a "Director has stopped working". By running the executable as an administrator seems to resolve the issue (i tried uninstall / reinstall with admin. priv. to no avail). D11 only starts up when run as administrator.


            Second, I too have this drag and drop in the score simply not working. I can import a jpeg, gif, etc. but I cannot drag it from the cast to the stage or the score. I can create an oval, etc. But even they will not drag from channel 1 to 2, etc. I can resize their stop and start points in the score but I cannot, for the life of me drag it down to another channel. It acts like its locked, and yet it isn't.


            Is D11 just not designed to work with Vista 32bit Business SP2? Do I need to upgrade (yet again) to D11?


            PLEASE HELP!

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              Steveorevo Level 1

              Well, I've tried Director 11.5 on a new Vista box and same thing. Surely Adobe wouldn't have let something this major slip so I am suspecting that its a recent Windows Update namely IE8. I can't verify this as of yet -don't even know if I can downgrade a IE, or would want to with recent security issues. Anyone else having this very frustrating issue that renders Director simply unusable?

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                I have exactly the same problem with not being able to drag cast members to the stage/score.


                I am using, or rather not using, version 11.5 on Vista Extreme.  Really frustrating.



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                  Steveorevo Level 1

                  Tell me about it. Its painful. I got a tech report response that says to

                  clear everything just short of a complete reformat and rebuild. Needless to

                  say, I just installed it on another virgin machine and am running it there.



                  Grrrrr.... Its clearly a problem they need to address.

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                    Steveorevo Level 1

                    I have this happening on two more machines. I'm so bummed. The only sharing trait between systems is that they are brand new Vista Business 32 bit and happen to have NVidia graphic cards (a 7950GTX and a 7800GS). So wierd. It just won't let you take a bitmap cast member and drag it to the score. Likewise copy/cut/paste won't work.


                    However, you can give it a New Media->Vector, then do a castmember exchange. But then if you wish to change it's score dimensions.... grrrr, so frustrating!!!