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    Clip Notes + Streaming QuickTime = broken?

    Colin Brougham Level 6
      I guess this is more of an AME or Reader issue, but figure that PPro users are the most common users of Clip Notes...

      I've tried exporting a Clip Notes PDF with streaming QuickTime video from both PPro CS3 + AME, PPro CS4 + AME, and standalone AME CS4, and all of them report an error: "Acrobat has encountered an error while playing this media clip:"

      If I use QT but select to embed the file, it works fine. If I use WMV, either embedded or streamed, it works fine. I have confirmed that I'm setting the URL correctly in the Clip Notes settings. The QT spit out by the Clip Notes export plays fine in QT Player, so I know the video itself isn't broken. I'm attempting to play/view these using Reader 8.1.3.

      Obviously, the solution would be to not use QT, or to at least embed it, but it's a much larger file than can be comfortably sent to my client (who isn't that technologically savvy). I like the QT option because of the ability to easily navigate/rewind the video.

      Anyone else experiencing issues with Clip Notes and streaming QuickTime?