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    Can't export AVCHD transcoded to MXF through CS4 Media encoder

      So, I need some help. I shot AVCHD clips PH 1080P 24P transcoded with the Panasonic transcoder into MXF files to my desktop. Imported that folder with 15 clips into Premiere and and began editing about a three minute sequence in a P2 1080 24p preset. i even interpolated all my files to 23.976 I built a timeline. Everything looked great and played nicely.

      Then I went to export it. I Went to file export - media. It launched the media encoder and showed up in the box. It said "waiting." I clicked on start que. When I clicked on that it said loading "my project file" below. After about ten minutes a yellow yield sign came up and said couldn't locate source material.

      Any ideas?? I'd really appreciate it.