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    PPro CS4 update and the Bangladesh connection

      I think that I may have come upon a clue as to why this waaaay-premature CS4 release is working so poorly. So, I purchased Audition 3.0 because Soundbooth is so crippled (can't normalize to a specific level, can't hard limit to a specific level, etc.). I saw in the PPro CS4 help that if I did "Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition"... yeah that works. I had audition 2.0, but the prompt in PP CS4 wasn't there, I thought that maybe I needed ver 3.0, so I plunked down another $99.00, downloaded, installed. Nothing. Adobe said that if I downloaded PPro CS4 4.0.1 update, it would work. Opened the app, Help > Updates... The Adobe updater launched and started the process. and every time the updater blew up (all 11 times,) the error message read, "Updater did not Worked". I swear to God. Perhaps had Adobe hired programmers from somewhere other than third-world countries for their much vaunted release of CS4, they a - would have gotten a better product, and b - the error messages, being written by programmers whose first language is English, would be grammatically and contextually correct. Just a thought.