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    ...insidious ADOBE Media Player !

    shooternz Level 6
      Tell me I dont need the insidious ADOBE Media Player on my NLE system...before I uninstall it. (Hopefully I actually can un-install it without breaking anything?)

      Only reason I can imagine keeping it is to play Flash Files - but surely I can get a standalone player for that.
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          Level 1
          Mind me asking why you consider AMP "insidious"?

          BTW, for playing stand alone FLV files I use FLV Player. Light weight and reliable. Just uncheck the Yahoo bloatware option when you install it.
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            shooternz Level 6

            The Media Player is a "toy" designed for "someone" to access the web and play media (not surprisingly). Updates mean that a new program is available for viewing. Current update is for 'Victoria Secrets' Show.

            It can NOT be customised as a player only (un-like Windows Media Player or QT Pro). Checkout the Options to discover what is "turned on " and how configureable this would be to a pro media producer.

            The above notwithstanding..it is actually a very good flv player. Problemn to me it is inside an interface that I have no need of.

            I would like a Professional standalone Flash Player so when I produce media for clients I can play, view check it in an decent interface.

            Should add that I can play Flash inside Premiere for above purposes but would not want that to be the "association" player.

            I would pay for a stand alone app.
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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              There are a couple of options for local FLV playback. (As an aside, I think AMP is a very good FLV/F4V player, but agree that it's not the best thing to have on a professional workstation).

              One option is Media Player Classic. It will play back FLVs, as well as a lot of other formats. The best part about it is that you don't actually "install" it--it simply is an executable with all the decoding libraries built in. It's lightweight, fast, and very customizable.

              Another option is the FLV Player that KL linked to above. This used to be my go-to FLV playback app, but I've had issues with it playing back "stuttered"... videos seem to drop a lot of frames, no matter what computer I'm playing back on. This doesn't happen in other FLV players. It could just be my configuration or something, though.

              My new, current favorite player is the JW Desktop Player. It's from the same guy/group that releases the JW FLV Player for online playback; this is a lightweight AIR app that lets you play back FLV, MP4, as well as the "new" F4V container format on the desktop.

              All of them are free, and all load and playback MUCH quicker than AMP, without the TV watching component of the player.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                I don't like the AMP either, and quickly uninstalled it once I tried it.

                I currently use the KMPlayer for all my computer video viewing, including FLV. Works very well with pretty much any video clip and it's also free.
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                  shooternz Level 6
                  Thanx guys. Glad I am not alone about AMP.

                  I will take a look at your suggestions.
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                    I'm finding every opportunity perusing the many AME complaints posted to add my voice to the chorus of professionals who are amazed at the lack of usability of AME CS4.
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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      While you're "perusing", perhaps you should stop to read. This thread has nothing to do with the Adobe Media Encoder, and is instead about the Adobe Media Player.

                      Thank you.


                      The "Don't Poo In the Wrong Thread" Police
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                        fuaho Level 1
                        I agree! Adobe Media Police should keep a close watch on who's pooing where! :)