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    Upgrade to PPro CS4 after two months


      does anybody know about special upgrade offerings for people who have purchased PPro CS3 few weeks ago?

      I have purchase PPro CS3 at the end of August 2008. I have not even used it since then.

      I would expect a free upgrade for some interim time period.

      any ideas?


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          Curt Wrigley Level 4
          Here is the procedure to apply for a post announcement free upgrade:


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            TradeWind Level 3
            If that doesn't work for you, you'll need to contact Adobe sales directly.
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              Level 1
              thank you for the link -could have been the perfect solution.

              unforunately Adobe Web Support told me, that free updates will only given for purchases of CS3 after Sept 23..

              in answer to them I told them that that if they will not change their opinion in my case I will not use Adobe products anymore and switch to products of their competitors. Additionally I told them that I am Partner with a large Auditing/Advisory firm beeing responsible for IT Advisory Services and internal IT and I will in such a case also recommend to our large customers and internal IT to also stop using Adobe products.

              The next answer I received from web support was that they have to adhere to there policies and might not give me a free upgrade.

              Finally - if they will not give me the free update I will really stop using Adobe products and recommending the same to various others.

              In my opinion this web support guy either is not allowed or able to think in economical categories to the benefit of Adobe.

              Maybe someone else - more influential or from Adobe management will see this topic and decide some more reasonable.

              Any suggestions, comments or ideas on this?


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                TradeWind Level 3
                If you had as much sway in Adobe's long-term economic position as you feel that you do, then I guarantee you that Adobe would already have an ear to your concern. However, if I tell a hundred people not to buy Photoshop or not to use Acrobat, or avoid Flash...all because Adobe won't break their rules for me, I don't imagine it's going to matter much. Those applications are fairly unavoidable, even if someone highly influential tells you that the company that produces them is unfair.

                Same goes - to a smaller degree - for After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign. I mean, sure, go ahead and purchase the competitor's products. I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but when an application has been out for a year and a half (such as the Adobe CS3 suites/products), I would think that someone as tech savvy as yourself - being tied in with the IT and all - would inherently expect new revisions to be a couple months away. If you weren't going to use the products in the very near term following acquisition (you claim you still haven't used it), then all the more reason for your purchasing decision to be weighed against what you know to be true about software release cycles.

                Again, I really do feel bad for you in your situation, wanting to upgrade to a release that came just over a month after your purchase. What I don't sympathize with is your attempt to put it all on Adobe, as if they didn't know who you were, or didn't care. Feeling that they are acting unfair to you is unfortunately more opinion than fact.
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                  Yeah, I'm the same... been hanging on to CS2 for 2 years odd, and finally purchased CS3 in August... what bad timimng eh!

                  However, if the CS4 upgrade is as bad as upgrading to CS3, maybe I won't for a while yet.
                  Perhaps I'll wait a few months before CS5 comes out.

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                    Now that's honest and probably very wise.
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                      I to understand how you feel. I had upgraded years ago to Photoshop CS, and then CS2 was announced 6 weeks later. I am a hobbyist and the expenditure was significant to me. I was told that free upgrades were only available for purchases within the last 30 days.
                      I was not a happy customer.

                      I skipped the next 2 upgrades, making due with other products.

                      In my opinion, Adobe should offer a sliding scale upgrade price for purchases within a few months of a release. Maybe Free within 30 days, 50% off for 60 days, etc......

                      Or, they should off Subscription pricing where you pay a small premium but receive the next upgrade (or 2) for free. I use this for my software development licenses all the time.