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    So who got Adobe's confirmation about his FREE CS4 upgrade?!

      I Know there have been questions about updates here. But the last response always is, "...that I'll call adobe support and see what they tell me."

      So who called adobe support, and what did they tell you?
      More specific:

      I haven't registered my Production Premium CS3 that I have purchased on Aug. 14th, cause I've been editing on my laptop on location away from home without an Internet connection. I'll get home by the end of the week, and activate. Since I'm not activated with adobe I can't call support, or can't at least expect the good support for upgrade questions...?

      So the question, did anybody purchased his Adobe CS3 Copy around mid August, and have they actually correct info if we are eligible to a free update? I know the grace period dead line is 23.09... but we are just 4 weeks off that deadline, and my reseller said that I should contact adobe support after registering with them, and ask. He knows from past experience that Adobe might be gracious to people who have bought it 3 or 4 weeks earlier.

      Well, if I'm registered I could call them...by the end of the week I will, but I wanna know now...since CS4 sound REALLY good!

      Hope somebody has some good news about this :-)

      ps: I'm talking about Production Premium CS3. Posted in Premiere Forum since I used this app 24/7 the last 3 weeks. Sorry, wrong forum I guess.