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    Before use in CS4 (or pp3) Convert AvcHD into.. P2?

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      avchd being an ultimate 'camera to storage media' standard,
      (resigned myself to this now) not a successor to standard definition dv as an easy editing medium,

      I'm re-asking what's the best process for making the source material recorded,compressed+stored in avchd 'premiere pro ready'?

      Know all about the upsample program previously reccomended here, as well as the free panasonic avchd into p2 free download program.

      Still not chosen either yet, so thought I'd check any new reccomendations from here before starting!

      supplemental~ been using http://scenalyzer.com/ for years now (to make 4-channel audio sd dv from a canon xl2 ppReady) so not afraid of spending money to make overall editing easier. I've even got used to to the time spent scanning in the 60m dv tapes.. but the thought of pp3/4 slowing to a crawl for sake of drag+Dropping in avchd does not appeal.
      [reckon the bloke retired to barbados on scenalyzer sales, or I'd have bought his avchd sequel already.]