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    CS4 Doesn't support rendering content optimized for streaming

      This is great, I render content for a Flash Streaming Server that serves an international community. I recently upgraded to Premiere Pro CS4, and have come to find out the following from Adobe Support today:


      Thank you for contacting Adobe® Web Support for assistance with Adobe
      Premiere® Pro CS4

      I understand that you want to know if Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 can export
      using H.264 as streaming media.

      Windows Media is the only option for streaming media in Adobe Premiere
      Pro CS4. This can be accessed in the Format box. There are no other
      options for streaming media. You may have to seek third party software
      to achieve these means.


      Great. Could someone please tell me who made this decision at Adobe? And what sense it makes? I thought CS4 was supposed to be my shortcut to brilliance.

      Also, this wouldn't be so bad not being able to render content optimized for streaming if the max bitrate setting work when rendering H264 content. However, an Adobe representative responded to me that it's a known bug by Adobe that this setting doesn't work with H264 content (F4V, Quicktime, H264, etc).