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    Do CS3 Inside of CS4?

      Is it possible to import a CS3 project into CS4 and have everything work correctly? I seem to be having problems with this.
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          Dan Isaacs Level 2
          I don't know. I haven't tried it yet... Could you please expound? Let us know the kinds of problems you're experiencing.
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            Working with anything created by CS3 and loaded into CS4 causes crashes to be sent back to Adobe. A few things that don't work are:
            1) Save, Save As, Save Copy, and Auto-Save.
            2) I tried rendering several sequences which always ends up in a crash.
            3) Also, multi-camera "target" sequences reflect only the highest enabled video track in the source multi-camera sequence, not any of the cuts as made in the original CS3 project.

            I tried both importing an entire CS3 project, and importing selected sequences. The resources used by the CS3 project seem to be imported but I also note that they do not retain the organization from CS3 into CS4.
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              I've opened a few CS3 projects in CS4, and so far everything is fine...
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                Dan Isaacs Level 2
                Lee --

                Is it possible that you had / used some 3rd party plugins in CS3 that are not available / compatible with CS4? Just a guess...
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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  As a test, do a quick plain-vanilla Project in CS3 - no Matrox, Red Giant, etc. Effects. Keep it short, simple and plain.

                  Import THAT into CS4. Crashes still? If so, maybe look to your system and to your installation of CS4.

                  Good luck,

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                    Eric - Does your machine still have CS3 on it coexisting with CS4? (I'm reluctant to uninstall CS3 until I know ongoing projects will work in CS4)
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                      Same exact problem. Only my originals are from Pro 2.0... This is a serious issue, for my new computer has Vista Ultimate and won't run Pro 2.0. So I eithor have to forget about my feature film I've been editing for 5 years, start all over or keep editing it on my old computer... Unacceptable, concidering I got the new computer to beable to do this faster. I just wish pro 2.0 would work on Vista, I use to be a loyal Adobe customer, but seriously. The bugs and lack of support as of late has been a real headache. The only reason I went to CS4 was to get tech help, since the one time I called them they wouldn't help me until I bought CS4 and then they just said, I couldn't use Pro 2.0 in VISTA and that I should only use CS4 from now on... Well if I can't open my projects, it doesn't help me much.

                      Side note: this computer under VISTA with it's dule core Intel, 8 gigs of ram, 724meg video card, over 3 terabytes of hard drive space, under CS4 is being out performed by a 2 core AMD (3600+) 2 gig of ram 512 meg videocard (rated inferior) and 1.5 terabytes of hard drive space under Pro 2.0 when it comes to opening/rendering/pretty much anything speed wise... I just can't beleive this. CS4 is like taking half a step forward and two leaps back.

                      I have the same 3rd party plug ins running in CS4 as in Pro 2.0. There are some missing plug ins like deinterlace, ect. that came with Pro 2.0, but honestly I don't think that would cause this constant crashing. I got to the point where I can import the Pro 2.0 files into a CS4 project and edit them, but the moment I save, it crashes. Originally I started editing this monster in Premeire 6.02b, then upgraded and imported to Pro 2.0 and now I've upgraded to CS4. This project began back in 2000... It's been a long road and I really don't want to have to start over AGAIN.

                      William A. McDonald

                      Any ideas would be helpful.
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                        joshtownsend Level 2
                        Export as an AAF file from CS4 (look in the help) then import that into CS3.
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                          First, understand that this isn't a computer-capability issue; your machine w/Vista is probably not the problem.

                          Second, I've had some theories such as memory leaks etc., but I no longer think so, since the system will sometimes crash even immediately after a reboot on the first render attempt. It is just some sort of a bug or two that they'll have to figure out.

                          Third, you have third-party plug-ins, but I don't have any at all and it still crashes, so the plug-ins might not be a problem. Besides, no where on Adobe's web site does it say plug-ins for prior versions might not work with CS4, at least it doesn't say it in a prominent place.

                          Fourth, I used to have the problem with CS3 and CS4 coresident, but now CS3 is no longer on the system and I still have some problems (but the Save now works, is it because CS3 is gone?).

                          Fifth, here's what I've been doing that so far gives me hope. I'll import a CS3 project (in your case it would be 2.0) into CS4 (I'm doing this with 8 projects), it may contain 15-50 sequences, but I won't attempt to do a Save. (Originally I reasoned that a Save would save the CS3 project as a CS4, but that reasoning turned out to be wrong.) Then I perform a Render Effects or Render Entire on each sequence. What happens is that invariably a render attempt will fail. Sometimes there is a crash that gets sent back to Adobe, or sometimes the render just hangs up with CS4 not responding and Windows closes it. In either case, I'll reload CS4 and attempt to render the very same sequence, and lo and behold, sometimes it is successful! So I've been render-crash, render-crash, render-save (these saves work), render-save, render-crash, render-save, render-crash, and so on, until all the sequences have been rendered. Very very time consuming, but so far it appears that once the sequences have been rendered, the rest of CS4 can be used as normal.

                          Sixth, actually I've been focusing on rendering for quite awhile and haven't done much editing to absolutely verify this resolves the issue, but some basic stuff seems to work.

                          Hope this helps.

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                            Thank you for the reply, it actually was quite helpful. My work around involved me going into my project and removing all filters from the footage. Still wouldn't open, but it did let me import, like you suggested, it would then crash, but if I cut and paste everything from the old sequence into a new sequence after importing, then delete the old sequence magically it would save. I now have the 1st half of the movie in CS4. Now I have to reapply the filters painstakingly 1 clip at a time. And prepare the second half for import... But at least this is progress. Man Adobe needs to get on the ball.

                            Thank you very much,
                            William A. McDonald
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                              I am trying to import a CS3 project into CS4 and for some reason some of the edits don't match up. It's only in some parts, most of it is fine. I really want to be able to use the new Media Encoder so I can make a DVD from the CS3 project (I was unable to do this in CS3 + older Media Encoder because it would always crash on my long length project).

                              I also tried bypassing Premiere CS4 by using the Media Encoder CS4 standalone project import option and selected the CS3 project and then the sequences....I scrubbed through the player and the same edits are mismatched/incorrect.

                              If I go back to the project in the older CS3, all edits are fine...but of course I can't export a MPEG for DVD because CS3's exports crash.

                              What is the deal?

                              If it matters, I am using 720p P2 footage.
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                                New issue. Media Encoder won't export. I've uninstalled and installed several times and it will export ONCE. when it's first installed then it will never work again. It just sits there (let it run for 12 hours once on a 30 second clip) no progress. If I try to cancel it, the program crashes. I can't export anything not even new projects entirely originating in CS4. Yes I've tried downloading the update. It doesn't help at all. If anyone out there knows how to deal with this, please let me know.

                                Thank you,
                                William A. McDonald *misses Pro 2.0 so much*
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                                  Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                  You must have a bad install or a local environment problem. Adobe offers free support for install issues. Im assuming your machine meets the system requirements for Pr CS4?
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                                    I ordered the disc version from Adobe itself. It doesn't have any issues installing and everything reads fine. My computer is a duel core intel 6300 @ 1.86 ghz with 8 gigs of ram, GeForce 8800 GTX with 768MB of memory, 3 Terabytes worth of hard drive space and I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit OS. To my knowledge this more than qualifies to run CS4. CS4 was the only thing I installed on this computer besides the OS.

                                    Now I have Gimp and Flash installed, but these issue formed before I installed those two pieces of software. I work nights primarily so it is extremely hard for me to call Tech support when they are actually open. I've talked to customer service and they told me to check the forums and try tech support. The previous time I talked to Tech support they said they didn't support Pro 2.0 anymore and I'd have to buy CS4 then after doing that they told me that my solution was the use CS4 (because Pro 2.0 won't work in VISTA which is what my new computer uses) So I went to CS4 and have had a laundry list of problems from project incompatibility to this new epic journey of Media Encoder... I hope someone can help me, from else where on the web I'm coming to the conclusion that CS4 was released half baked. Lot of people with the same problems as me with no real solution given.

                                    William A. McDonald
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                                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                      Of course there are bugs with CS4; as with any new release. But not being able to export anything indicates a fundamental problem. Something is significantly broken in your environment. Being able to export nothing is not a bug; its something broken with your config. Ergo my suggestion for tech support.

                                      If you have done clean installs more than once, I dont have any other suggestions.