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    Upgraded from Pro 1.5 but where can we get documentation?

      I get CS4 yesterday, but where are the documentations?
      When I upgraded from other Premiere versions I get new books?

      Can I download the books for the new version or?
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          akribie Level 2
          No printed documentation (yet?) for CS4.

          The HTML help files put on your local machine when you install CS4. If you are on-line, help will access the community page on the web instead. On that page for each application there is a link to the PDF version of the help file, which you can download if you wish.

          Other threads describe how you can change the links to get at local rather than on-line help if you don't like the new system (I'm sure someone must?).
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            It is rumored that printed manuals will be done and available for a price. Adobe has done it a couple of different ways, and I'd guess that it is due to the physical production of printed materials.

            In CS Premium Suite, there were no manuals in the upgrade. I bought them for US$60, IIRC. I like printed materails for my reading and for reference, 'cause I'm an old guy. There were also a lot of new programs for me in that suite, plus the Photoshop interface had changed greatly from PS v7.

            Come CS2 Premium Suite, I go printed manuals with my upgrade.

            When I went to CS2 Production Studio, I also got manuals, but it had been out for about 6 mos.

            Now, we're at CS4, and the manuals are lagging behind release of the software. Because of that, it *appears* that they will sold separately. For me, that will be OK, just like CS2 (without the video apps.). Yeah, would be nice to have them from day 1, and to have them included in the price, but if the price that I "heard" is correct, I'll gladly pay it.

            Until then, the others have answered the pressing question, "where can I read about the program?" The PDF/on-line will have to work for now.