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    exporting HDV to tape problems

      Hi Guys,
      I don't know if someone else has the same problem but i wrote about it before and noone give me solution.
      I read that CS4 has still lots of problems so what i did.

      First i describe problem.
      I did whole movie in CS4 and when i export to tape it records footage with droped frames (it's freeze for 1 sec. during recording sometimes).

      The solution for that which works for me was:

      I install CS3.

      1. Did everything (editing etc.) on CS4
      2. Export to uncompressed avi (it works after upgrade Premiere CS4 to 4.0.1 , before when i export with this setings it didn't show up in ME).
      3. Load CS3
      4. Make new HDV project and import this exported avi file
      5. Export to tape (works fine).

      I don't know if other has the same problem, but i get it.

      I've got quad 2,4 Ghz processor, 1 disk for OS, 2xRAID0 (2x2 disks).
      My camera is Sony HC3.

      It looks like something is wrong with exportin HDV (1080i50) to tape in CS4.