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    Issue with saving bitrates in presets

    Ben Schuiling Level 1
      Hi All,

      I'm having difficulty saving bitrates for Quicktime and MPEG4 presets. When I click on export and check the "Set Bitrate" option and change the number from the default value (1000) if save the preset or hit ok to go to media encoder the render actually happens with the default value. The same issue happens when I try to load a preset, everything loads correctly except for the set bitrate. It doesn't seem to matter if I save a preset in Premiere Pro or Media Encoder I get the same issue. In order to get around this problem I have to manually reset the bitrate in media encoder for every file I send to render.

      I checked out the preset file location for media encoder and the value saved for the bitrate was my custom value, so I'm not quite sure what's going on or if any of you have seen this problem.

      I'm using Quicktime 7.4.5, CS 4.0.1, XP SP3