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    what are the best export settings to use...

      Operating system: Vista SP1
      Camera: Canon HF100 (1900x1080 HD quality 29.97fps) -- uses AVCHD compression which is H.264 I believe.

      I'm able to watch my camera video files in Vista nicely. However, I'm having trouble with the watching the results of my edited and exported videos. Assuming I want the same quality and playability as the source video, what settings should I use in the export?

      In the export settings window... I select:

      Format: H.264
      Preset: HDTV 1080p 29.97 High Quality
      Source files have the extension: .m2ts

      ...I don't change the other values. Then I export. Now the result is an .mp4 file which does not play in Windows Media Player. It does play in Quicktime or iTunes however it plays jerkily... I would like to be able to play it as smoothly as the original source plays... And I'd like to be able to play it in windows media player just as the source can be played in media player. Media player seems to play the source more smoothly than does iTunes or Quicktime.

      So what are the best export settings for me so that I can watch my edited HD video on my computer as easily as the source footage???

      I've been able to edit and save the results of the edit using the crappy ImageMixer3 video editor that comes with the camera. The results are perfect and play in windows media fine. The files it exports the edited video as is the same as the soure... the file extension is .m2ts

      So the problem is how to get Adobe to export the edited video to an .m2ts file or at least to a file type that plays as nicely in my system?