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    The secret to getting your CS4 project back to CS3 - AAF or AE export

    joshtownsend Level 2
      Okay you edited a project in CS4 but it won't render an quicktime right or something else, what do you do?

      The only reason I edit with CS4 is the awesome Media Browser for P2 clips. It does save a bunch of time when working with tapeless media that Bridge can't preview.

      Obviously if you need to export to a .mov especially animation codect CS4 has trouble. Blame it on Apple whatever, it works fine in CS3 right?

      There are two work-arounds. One is open the Premiere project in AE then render. Just like old times you can hint streaming and it exports just like Premiere did in CS3 and the QT files actually work correctly.

      The other workaround is to cut in CS4 then export as an AAF file (you have to have the 4.0.1 update to do this). Project - export as AAF.

      Then you import the AAF file into CS3 and render like you always did.

      I know at first with 4.0.0 it was frustrating being stuck with AME to render but now if you are really having problems with CS4 there is a way to get your cuts back to CS3.

      Maybe this will help you guys out.