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    Cannot Export Audio Track to DVD

      I've edited a video using Premier CS4. Wanting to burn a DVD of the video, I choose File/Adobe Dynamic Link/Send to Encore, then select the settings I want, and click Build. So far so good, but when I play the resulting disc it has no audio track. Yes, the audio track is on in the Premier project.

      I tried exiting the programs and then re-opening. I also installed all updates.

      Any suggestions? Thanks.
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Try a test without Dynamic Link. (Export out a segment and see if that burns OK.)
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            W Vought,

            One thing to consider is that Encore is designed to produce DVD-Video discs. What you are looking for, it seems, is a DVD-Audio disc. Is that correct?

            One way to sort of accomplish this would be to Export>AME just your Audio to a WAV, or AC3 file. Burn that to a data DVD. You could try to create a dummy Audio_TS and Video_TS folder structure, place your AC3 into the Audio_TS folder and burn with ImgBurn, Nero, whatever. The Audio_TS is for DVD-Audio discs. Then a DVD player *should* be able to play the Audio, if it has the capabilities.

            Another workaround would be to just put Black Video on you VT 1 and the Export to Encore. DVD-Video needs to have Video of some sort - Black Video qualifies as Video.

            Now, I do not do DVD-Audio discs, so do not know which authoring sofrware you'd use. Neil Wilkes, a MOD in the Encore forum, does this all of the time, as its his main business. I'll bet he'd have suggestions on what you need to do.

            Good luck,

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              Thank you for your help, but as I stated, it's a video I'm trying to export. The video exports just fine, but the accompanying audio track does not.
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                Jeff Bellune Level 5
                Simple question, but necessary.

                Do you have "Export Audio" checked in the export settings?
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                  When I click File/Adobe Dynamic Link/Send to Encore, I do not see any export settings. Encore simply loads and I specify the project name/location.

                  However, I watched the transcoding process, and it shows a progress bar for an audio file being transcoded. I just don't actually HEAR an audio file when I play the disc. I've tried the discs on various DVD players, BTW.
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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5
                    Since Encore is transcoding the video and audio, what are your project settings for the default audio format - PCM, Dolby Digital, or MPEG Audio?

                    If it's the MPEG choice, that would explain a lot. MPEG Audio is an optional audio format in the DVD spec. Some players will play it, and others won't. Unlike DD .ac3 audio, it's not required to be supported for playback.
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                      Encore is set to use Dolby Digital.

                      I've been able to export other projects to DVD, audio and all, with no problem. I think it's a glitch in this project file.
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                        Well, I've solved the problem, which was caused by insufficient free space on my system drive. Apparently Encore simply had nowhere to write the audio file. I deleted unnecessary files from my Media Cache folder, and viola!