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    Two things unanswered - dvd frame rates and how a 32bit programs can be engineered for a 64bit OS

    joshtownsend Level 2
      "Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 has been re-architected for 64-bit operating systems to use large memory more effectively (up to 20GB of memory for Adobe Premiere Pro alone, up to 64GB of memory for a large Production Premium workflow)." from here http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/pdfs/red_adobe_cs4_beta.pdf

      re-architected? How the hell does a 32bit program work better in a 64bit OS? There are 32 and 64 versions of photoshop, Cinema 4d, Vegas 8, 3d Max ect. What has Adobe done that makes them the only program to lay claim to something like this?

      Nobody can give a straight answer.

      After Effects spawns a program for each core you select and each can use up to four gigs. But that doesn't happen when you use premiere and AME. And it only happens during renders inside the AE renderer.

      The other thing I can't find a straight answer for:

      Three different Mpeg 2 presets 29.976 and 29.97 drop frame and 23.976 progressive. Render a clip with each one. They all end up the same size so whats that difference? Point me to a link that explains it. Or hell just explain it. If you put a 23.97 mpeg2 next to a 29.97 and zoom in it obvious that they were compressed differently.