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    MPEG2 encoding fails, but MPEG2 DVD and MPEG2 Blu-ray works

      Hey friends,

      Every time I try to export with the standalone MPEG2 format option in Premiere Pro CS4 the file comes out empty (0 bytes) and both Windows Media Player 11 and Adobe Encore 4.0.1 say that my machine lacks the necessary codec to play the file (although, I'm thinking that this message is popping up really just because the file is empty/corrupted. I'm running on Vista SP1). Nevertheless, if I export to the MPEG2 Blu-Ray format with not too dissimilar values, everything works fine. The MPEG2 DVD format also works, granted that's lower bitrate and resolution. So, what gives? Could it have something to do with the audio?

      My source files are NTSC 29.97fps HDV 1080i .mpeg files, captured from DV tape.

      Here are the settings I'm using with the regular MPEG2 encoding (which fails as mentioned):
      NTSC, 1440x1080i, 29.97fps, 18.50 max Mbps, 48kHz MPEG audio, which gives me a final file extension of .mpg

      And the settings for the MPEG2 Blu-Ray encoding (which works perfectly):
      NTSC, 1440x1080i, 29.97fps, 30.00 max Mbps, 48kHZ PCM audio, which gives me a final file extension of .m2v with a separate .wav audio file

      Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Did I just completely miss the boat on some well known MPEG2 audio encoding issue or something?

      Oh, and my system is Core 2 Duo 3.33 Ghz 4 gigs of ram gigantic harddrive, etc. I'm fairly certain this isn't a hardware issue. The source files playback without hesitation and the rendering time is not overly long.