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    Ghost image of underlying tracks coming through PP CS4

      Hi there. Just installed P Pro CS4 and loaded up an old project. Project was made on Premiere 6.5 and is on multiple tracks. When I attempt to play the project I'm getting a weird ghost image of the underlying tracks in reds and blues and what look likes a green matt.

      The "visible" track is also messed up and doesn't display correct colours

      This was all captured in Premiere 6.5 no special codecs etc - just straight DV - I just opened the project.

      If I create a new project and import the files they work fine it's just the old 6.5 project that won't behave

      Any thoughts?

      I'm on Vista Home Premium SP1. Machine is a P4 Q6600 Quad 2.4 2GB RAM Premiere CS4.0.1 GeForce 8500GT with up to date drivers (