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    Serious problem with FCP import


      I wonder if anyone is having the same problem with Final Cut Pro importing into Premiere Pro CS4 - basically it all looks fantastic until, on any sequences with audio fades or anything more complex than just clips having been dropped onto the timeline in a straightforward manner, you try and drag anything or copy and paste it elsewhere: "serious error" pops up in a dialogue referring to a .cpp library (or something) and crashes the whole program.

      Having now installed CS4 Production Premium on a desktop and laptop (both with different OS - XP and Vista) and both coming up with the same problem at pretty much the same point in the import/editing process, it seems that the FCP import is seriously flawed. Really disappointing.

      Is anyone else having this issue? What can I do about it? The errors mean nothing, it is so difficult to know where to begin to start to try and fix the problem or find a workaround.


      Andy Campbell
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          Hi Andy,

          What format were the clips in the fcp project that you tried to import?

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            Thanks for replying. The clips are in Quicktime format. Basically I am taking over an edit that was started in FCP on the Mac and trying to finish it in Premiere Pro CS4. However any even slightly complex timelines crash when you try and drag or select certain clips. I can't find any one common aspect of a clip or series of clips that makes it crash otherwise it might make some sense.

            Josh Townsend's advice on the forum about exporting as AAF however has really helped me - I have taken the sequences back into CS3 and they work perfectly, no problems, although a little slow. Shame it has to come to that though; working in CS3 again rather than CS4 when I've just upgraded.

            Playing or rendering the sequences from FCP in CS4 actually works. Even scrubbing works. But selecting or trying to drag just causes a serious error that flushes the whole program down the toilet.