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    New Quad-Core Computer with Vista64, 8gb ram ; Should I install CS3 or CS4?

      Hello Friends,

      I have been reading the forum trying to gain foresight before I spend very limited cash for hardware and software.

      On Black Friday eve, I spent the night waiting at Best Buy to get the door-buster-deal on an HP desktop with AMD 9500 quad-core, 8gb ddr2 800MHz ram, Windows Vista 64 Home Premium, 760gb hard drive (7200rpm, ESATA 3.0gb transfer), second internal capture drive 500gb(7200rpm ESATA 3.0gb transfer), 1 TB external storage. This machine is only for my photography and video editing. I do wedding photography.

      I have photoshop CS3 full version, so I can upgrade to CS4 Creative Suite for $1,100.00. I can also buy a full version copy of CS3 Creative Suite for $500.00 new in the box with all manuals.

      With all the complaints about CS4, would I be better off buying CS3? Is CS4 worth $600 more? Have all the bugs been worked out of CS3?

      I can upgrade 3 months after they release CS 5 for the $600 and skip some of the heart ache?

      Please tell me what you think?