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    Import AVI-files from Pro 1.5

      I have captured HDV(Sony) with P.Pro 1.5 to disk and got .avi files.
      I tried to import them into Pro CS4 and got only the soundtrack AVI.

      I get a warning(events) when I imported the tracks.

      "File importer detected an inconsistency in the filestructure of the xxxx.avi. Reading and writing this file's metadata(XMP) has been disabled"

      What shall I do?
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Recapture in CS4 or finish in 1.5.
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            Curt Wrigley Level 4
            I have never tried this so I am just guessing but...
            As memory serves; PPRO 1.5 was a unique release in that it incorporated a 3rd party codec for editing HDV. Later releases departed from that strategy and edits HDV natively in Pr. So perhaps later versions cant read the codec used for hdv in Pr 1.5

            If you still have Pr 1.5 you could save them out as uncompressed or other codec to test the theory.

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              Level 1
              I tried to export from 1.5 with Movie and Microsoft AVI-format and imported the clip in CS4just now(tip from Curt)

              I get the clip into CS4 without errors and can see the video-clip.
              In the timeline I can see the yellow-strip(where the green one is when rendered).
              And I get 16:9 with black area on top and down.

              Mybe the best is to make my movie in 1.5 because I have captured 10 hours from my camera into the disk.
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                I just upgraded from 1.5 to cs4 4.1, with a new matrox rt.x2 card from my old rtx.100m and - on a completely random selection of my previous files - i can see the video but not hear the audio or see the waveform, and premiere doesnt do its usual "conforming" step when importing.


                All my files are uncompressed avi and play fine in windows (vista 64 bit) in the media player, everything - all drivers and software - are up to date, so there MUST be a reason or solution to this.  I have noticed that my files are 16bit and the project is 32-bit audio, but that wont explain why some of the files work and others just dont.


                i just spent thousands of dollars upgrading my business to this new software and sorry, but going back to 1.5 or recapturing ALL my old footage are just not options.  Im already out of work now for 2 days trying to solve this, I just spent an hour on the phone with tech support and am now waiting for a call-back from them that could take 2 days....and would appreciate if anyone has heard of a solution for this problem.





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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Probably can be solved in minutes if you pull the Matrox out and use standard DV files instead. Else look at the Matrox site for solutions.