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    No audio - Dolby Digital 5.1

      I have MPG files that I'm trying to import into 4.0.1 (on a fresh vista 64-bit machine). While I can hear the audio while playing the files through Windows Media Player and PowerDVD, I can't hear (or see waveform evidence) of any audio after putting them on a time line.

      I've tried all various combinations of audio settings when creating sequences but none of them work. Each time the waveforms are flat. I try to export the audio to soundbooth but there's nothing there either.

      Here how the apps show the audio:

      Premiere - 48000 Hz - Compressed 5.1.
      Vegas 9 - 48,000 Hz 5.1 Surround (stereo downmix) Dolby AC-3
      PowerDVD - Dolby Digital 5.1 448 Kbps

      Vegas imported and rendered the MPGs fine and Windows Media Player / PowerDVD play them fine (audio and video).

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      {{ FYI - these mpg files are from a Sony HDR-SR1. If you're ever tempted to buy this camera or one of its cousins -- DON'T! }}