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    CS4 problem when importing older CS3 Project, mismatched edits

      I am trying to import a CS3 project into CS4 and for some reason some of the edits don't match up. It's only in some parts, most of it is fine. I really want to be able to use the new Media Encoder so I can make a DVD from the CS3 project (I was unable to do this in CS3 + older Media Encoder because it would always crash on my long length project).

      I also tried bypassing Premiere CS4 by using the Media Encoder CS4 standalone project import option and selected the CS3 project and then the sequences....I scrubbed through the player and the same edits are mismatched/incorrect.

      If I go back to the project in the older CS3, all edits are fine...but of course I can't export a MPEG for DVD because CS3's exports crash.

      What is the deal?

      If it matters, I am using 720p P2 footage.