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    Capturing Video from Sony Digital8

      Hello and thanks in advance for any help and/or advice you might be able to provide.

      I'm trying to capture some old 8mm footage of my wife's family and create a memories type DVD. Its a noble cause, but there's a bunch of stuff to get through.

      Anyway, I have an old Sony DCR-TRV830 Digital 8 camcorder. Its hooked up via firewire (4pin) to a Canopus ADVC110 coverter (I don't have a 4pin to 6pin firewire cable...yet). I've read a bunch of posts and PP help pages about configuring the HD device control. Nothing I've tried (choosing the "standard" model or even the DCR-TRV530 as its nearly the same) has fixed the problem of the video not displaying.

      I can see and capture the video in Nero Vision without any issue.

      What am I missing?

      Oh, one other quick question - and I'm sure it could be classified as "dumb." Why don't I have an MPEG2 option when I export (media)? I feel not so smart for not being able to figure that out...