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    Audio Issue - truncated wav

    shooternz Level 6
      Having an Audio issue.

      >PAL DV Project in CS4
      >Audio clip wav 48K Hz 16 bit stereo

      I have a 15 sec wav clip in the source monitor that when played , is truncated. ie the last word is chopped and unheard.

      When scrubbed I can hear it all.

      Same in the the time line !

      This is a new one on me and could be a show stopper until I resolve it.
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          shooternz Level 6
          The more I test this the more I am convinced this is a BUG.

          I have never experienced it in any previous versions of Premiere.

          I do this process most every project. Professional Studio V/O recording supplied as wav file. Never ever exhibited this "truncated" behaviour previously.

          I need to test it some more but it is unworkeable meantime.