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    Help relinking files

      After a massive crash I've reinstalled PP. My project is in the same folder on the desktop as it was on the old machine desktop. Everything is named the same..just a desktop switch. Do I ahve to relink all the clips individually?!?

      Thanks...you save my sanity if there is an answer
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          alwinch Level 1
          Sorry should all media shows up as offline...
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            It's been pointed out to me recently that Premiere won't hold the links if the desktop is switched. That's your issue.

            If you've opened the project and told Premiere the files were offline, then yes, you'll have to relink them individually.

            If you can still open the project and Premiere automatically asks you where the files are, then just point it to the first one and it will find the rest. (This applies to each folder you have files in.)

            On a separate note, consider not using your System drive at all for editing. Keep nothing on your editing computer but what you need for editing. Use a different computer for everything else.

            Keep only Windows and programs on your editing System drive. Have a second drive for Project and Scratch disks. Have a third drive for nothing but media.

            You can add more drives, but those three are a good minimum for editing.