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    For the love of God please re-tool the export  frame workflow!

      I've perused past posts regarding CS4's ridiculous multi-step process for the simple export of a frame grab to an image file from a video clip. It is with a fair amount of incredulity I haven't found more replies to these posts indignant at how poorly Adobe has designed the workflow for what should be a simple few mouse clicks.

      What used to be [Export]->[Frame] is now

      [Export]-> [media] -> [image format] -> RE-select in-point independently from the video you are working with on the timeline -> Fight with the out point marker to get it to STAY PUT when you want to export A SINGLE FRAME -> Add the selected frame to the Media Encoder -> Wait for an eternity as the media encoder copies the project files into a temp queue for processing -> Push the "Start Queue" button. HOPE that the out point marker didn't mysteriously (as it does so often) RESET itself to the end of file resulting in the rendering of hundreds of un-needed still frames.

      I normally am a reserved and respectful Adobe user, but this SUCKS so BADLY it makes me want to SCREAM.