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    Help with audio question please

      New guy here,

      I have a MAC G5 with Premiere CS4. I do not prior Premiere experience. I've worked several other NLE packages so I'm not a rookie either.

      Anyway, I'm routing the audio through an analog mixer and into a Canopus ADVC 110. I've been able to capture video and audio from a DVD player with Premiere's audio hardware settings set to (Built-in line input/Built-in line output). I've been able to capture both video and audio with the hardware setting set to (Built-in digital input/Built-in line output) put when I scrub on the time line or try he clip in he preview window it will not play back when I hit the space bar or click on the play button. When using (Built-in line input/Built-in line output)everything is fine.

      Here's my question. How do I preview and adjust the audio prior to capturing it? I can hear it just fine when I'm capturing but I can't preview the audio levels to know where I'm at.

      I thought the analog audio going into the Canopus converter would out put the audio as a digital signal since it's being exported to the MAC via firewire.

      Hope someone out there is smarter than I am about this.