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    Rendering Quicktime using H264 BUG confirmed -  LUCKILY there's an easy  work around

    joshtownsend Level 2
      I thought making this a thread might help more people. Basically when you export media from Premiere with the intent on making a 'Quicktime with H264 or Sorenson' file. Adobe Media Encoder RESETS the bitrate you manually entered when it starts up.

      Once you set it you never think to recheck it. This only happens when export from Premiere not when you import a project or use AME as a standalone which is why it worked fine for some people and not others.

      Brian Dombrowski figured it out here's what he said. Thanks Brian this helps a lot. I'm glad there;s a way to make it work right now there's alot of uses for h264 quicktimes especially for web use. Anyway here's Brian.

      "Brian Dombrowski - 7:51am Dec 5, 08 PST (#11 of 13)

      I've seen the same thing this week for a client that requested some HD video to be FTP'd in QuickTime H.264 at 15mb. There is a *bug* with AME in CS4 with the bitrate setting for QuickTime H.264. No matter what you set it too, it keeps getting reset to 1000kb (yes 1k bit per second) resulting in low quality video and small .mov file sizes.

      Here is the workaround I found:
      1) In Premiere Pro CS4, Export-Media to get in Media Encoder and set to your QuickTime Format and then go down to Video tab to set h.264 codec. Scroll down to the bitrate settings and check set bitrate, you'll see it defaults 1000kb. Change it to something higher, like 15,000. Then hit OK button.
      2) When AME opens up, you'll see your job in the queue. Click on your job on the Preset column where it says "Custom". This will load up a new window with the encoder settings again. Go down to Bitrate Settings again in that window and notice the bit rate has been reset to 1000kb. This is the problem (bug in AME.) If you change it here on this page, and hit OK, and then your bitrate settings will hold true in AME. Start the job queue and verify the generated .mov quality is as desired.

      I guess what is probably happening is that when PP CS4 launches AME, AME resets the codec settings. Adobe can send me some free store credit for finding their stinking bug. I need AE anyway."